Monday, April 17, 2006

Two is Company

People are so homophobic! Even people who are gay pretend to be disgusted by homosexuality because it's not in. Now, I attend an all-boys school and there is no reason why guys have to be ashamed of their sexuality. Well, that's not entirely true. Two students were expelled and others cautioned earlier this year for allegedly "having homosexual orgies in the dormitory." It was a fiasco; don't ask. The dean acted on hearsay to take draconian action that made him look ridiculous in front of the entire student body.

Anyway, I need some love. Someone to hug and kiss and cuddle with. Someone to talk to and care for and respect someone who wants me like I want him. I miss Y----. He is so cute, smart, funny, cool. He knows how to just chill and have a good time without always running to find something to do. I guess I'll see him again when the semester resumes, if I can wait that long.

To all my readers: thank you all so much for visiting my site. As always, comments welcome, even if you have nothing to say. You can just tell me where to find your blog. So long.

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Manny said...

I were asking for a comment. Dude...I went to an all boys Yeshiva high school, and then to Israel and now im at YU. I have a few closeted gay friends, who are going through a really tough time. Its just...its just interesting to hear from you.
Anyway, i wrote this after i wrote my earlier comment and the more i read , the more i can tell - theres something about you.