Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Poetry, Art, and Random Bits

On Reading Algernon Swinburne:
True poetry communicates in ways prose never could. Its power is the telepathic synergy between author and reader; it defies and transcends the limitations of its feeble medium. It touches you, and yet not in any physical way. When prose replaces grammar with arbitrary line breaks a new art is born. Not quite poetry, which connotes the divine, it must be considered on a new scale for its merit as a distinct literary form. Poetry doesn't show you; it transports you and allows you to look for yourself. (If you like poetry, read Swinburne's "Ave Atque Vale")

On Telepathic Synergy:
The phrase slapped me swiftly when I tried to explain how the thoughts of the artist appear in the viewer's mind. This indeed is the miracle and joy of art, and it is what differentiates art from science. Ordinary language is scientific: it uses reliable symbols with predictable meanings that can be broken down and understood. The method of their transfer of ideas from originator to receiver is, while not foolproof, fairly straightforward. Art, on the other hand, must disseminate original and powerful ideas that are not yet part of the public conscious and don't have easy symbols to recall them to the listener's ear. The magic of art accepts this challenge, using complex manipulation of the audience's senses and metal faculties to create - in the viewer's mind - novelty. To perceive art, then, is to witness this act of Creation. Hence art cannot be said to reside in its medium. Art is a fluid verb; it exists in the momentary act of creation. The instant of telepathic synergy between artist and artee; the instant when the new Idea is formed in the mind of the beholder, moulded from a language of dreams; this instant is Art.

I had thought the phrase original, but it was too perfect: Google turned up 53 sites that beat me to it. I think I did lend it a new twist, though. (Google for alternative use.) Tip: To Google the site type in search window as shown, synergy

On Now:
There is no such thing as freedom, only a bigger birdcage. - Teddy Douglas
I think this quote is original. If you can find it anywhere else let me know.

Parents. Quick, what is the first thing that came into your mind?

Cute point my psych prof made. (This works better orally.) Think of the word "the". What comes to mind? The letters T-H-E? Good. Now, what color were they? For most people, they don't seem to be in any color. But in our mind's eye, we do see them. What gives?

I'll be taking Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off for the Passover holiday, so this young blog will be quiet for now. I hope to continue Sunday.

This post begs for your comments. Happy Holidays!

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