Tuesday, April 11, 2006

4 in 1 day!

Whoa, I'm getting addicted to this blogging thing. I'll probably cool off my pace after the first rush wears off. Anyway, I've discovered that in blogging, like in anything else, sex sells. Put lots of sex related words on your page and you get more hits. Its that simple. Well, it's not really that simple, but that is what people are looking for.

Philosophy of life and art and music is all cool and stuff but dirty sluts and assholes and porn and hot asian babes and gay cum big dicks hard tits huge breasts xxx pussy seem the main attraction of the internet. Just look at the profile view numbers of these types of blogs.

Okay, I admit, I was trying to attract some page views with those keywords. It's a pretty stupid rouse though, because if thats what viewers want, they'll leave my site in a second. I hope I'll be able to put up some serious content and have a little fun and think and grow. With your help of course. Comments?

P.S. It's still not working. I don't get hits. I can't even find my page by searching for keywords I know I put in my blog. Anyway kudos to you if you found me. Love


flameraven said...

Good work young man. Yes very true sex sells thanks for that classy listing of all that is illicit on the internet or rather a small portion of it. I found your blog. Hope you find this...flameraven

Teddy Douglas said...

Whoopee, it worked. I love you man. Hey, now that you found me, won't you please join me for tea? :-)