Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The New Erik Erikson: Stages of Blogger Life

Ayn Rand is ageless. That is, the people on blogger who show an interest in her and her works are more likely not to report their age than the average blogger. Literature retains an interest throughout the lifespan from very young readers, through old age. Philosophy's median age is slightly higher than that for literature. While it attracts an age-disparate audience, the extremely young are outliers to this set.

Religion is ageless too, but seems to follow a bimodal distribution: peaks appear around age 20 and 60. World peace is for old people. Sad, but true. I was almost embarrassed to list it myself, being only 21. Psychology seems young. Type I (adolescent onset) psychology manifests itself in many young people and commonly afflicts sufferers until they turn fifty. A strong interest in boys is shown mostly by, you guessed it: teenage girls.

Okay, I was really bored. But the sociological impacts of age-based thinking are huge and they go way beyond advertising. They pervade every facet of life. The internet may produce changes. This is a serious issue that deserves big consideration. Which I would like to give it, pending a sufficient research grant. If you know of any, pipe up now. The data presented here are estimates, not the result of a rigorously constructed study. p = .42 :-)

Oh, lest I forget, remind me sometime to explain the name of my blog Tearing But Whole. Or maybe it's obvious to everyone but me. Besides, the mark of a classic work is ambiguity and amenity to interpretation.

Your turn.

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