Thursday, December 27, 2007

Old news been sitting in drafts

Surgeon takes photo of tatooed penis (story). Cop takes photo of dead 14 year old ( story).

Cell phones promote freer access to information. There are forces that want to limit this. Take a cell phone pic of something sensitive today. Do something for freedom today.

P.S. My internet filter makes me want to kill myself. Maybe I just should. I'd be a martyr in the name of freedom!

P.P.S. I have obtained the Asa Coon photo, in case the powers that be decide to cleanse it from the internet.

Privacy? What privacy?! You want an education or not?

I authorize all persons or entities to provide any relevant information in their possession to the University of Pennsylvania or its agent for use in considering me for admission and matriculation. I expressly waive any required notice to me.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Name Isn't Humbert

If someone mentioned that in the past he had invited a gay guy for shabbos but made sure the guy came a week when there were no high school boys over so there "shouldn't be any problems", would that not be insulting? If such a one invited me, would you think it crazy if I felt too offended by said "precautions" to take him up on his offer? Haha, even as we were speaking a beautiful high school boy was breaking my heart with his smile scarcely 3 meters away. But so what? I would never hurt a kid or involve them in anything inappropriate or break the law and certainly wouldn't do anything with anyone who is unwilling. And I have found plenty of quite attractive people who are of age, thank you. Just because someone is gay, you think they're Mr. Humbert Humbert? Offensive as hell.

Why do they bother calling it news?

OK. So one final down, one to go. Still haven't decided if and what classes I'll be taking next semester. You think maybe it's time the school published its class schedules? Other places the sections are already closed and here they can't tell you yet what they are offering! Anyway, a professor offered to get me an internship - in law. I'm in the middle of one in medicine. I've completed one in science. I'm waiting to hear if I'll be a psychologist. I still don't know what to do. Confused enough for you? Well, whoever is lucky enough to get me will be the best off for it. The question is only where I'll be happy.

Drosselmeyer's Maker

So what do Paris1, Berlin 2 , Winnipeg 3, Providence Rhode Island4, Casper Wyoming 5 , Palm Springs, West Sacramento, and Chula Vista California 4 have in common? Gay mayors!

And in the spirit of the holidays, The Nutcracker composer Tchaikovsky was gay, too.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Should Rabbis and Yeshiva Students be Encouraged to take Modafinil?

College professors are using it to help them think better. Can it help you pull a more effective leil shishi (all-nighter)? While foolish American sports buffs are led by the media on an anti-ballplayers-using-steroids trip, Cambridge scientists over in the UK are opening a discussion about spreading the use of a different kind of performance-enhancing drugs. One of the world's most respected science weeklies, Nature, published an article along with an online discussion board on cognitive-enhancing drugs. Americans don't analyze issues. They just do what they are told. Testosterone is bad. Testosterone is bad. Repeat after me. Human growth hormone bad. Human growth hormone bad. Ballplayers should not use. Should not use.

I was so annoyed to see even the Players Association jump on the critics bandwagon. Aren't they supposed to stick up for the players? Malcolm Gladwell had the right idea. Why is the US media so dead set against use of drugs? They are an important part of the new SuperSociety© wave of the future! Eat soma baybay!

P.S. Don't be shy. Agree? Tell me. Don't like what I say? Speak up (otherwise, I'll think my word is Law and you all agree with everything I say). Love you! Happy Holidays ! Wish me a happy holiday. I'd be sooo appreciative.

do yeshiva bochurim get hooked on drugs in israel, are college students more likely to take drugs before tests, are college boys more likely to wear hot abercrombie clothes, is this list a little absurd, would you buy a best of the tbw, more on that last later, i've been feeling very tired lately, could it be because i skip nights' sleep, i thought i made up for that with 20 hour sleepathons though, finals were rough - but fun, don't ask, the studying never ends, abercrombie studs make it easier, but they are not really my type you know, too rugged and less on the cute, i don't like how cold it has become, these thoughts are unfinished, my thinking is muddled, maybe i need some modafinil, pardon moi

Friday, December 21, 2007

Is a 1.5L/m Liver Worth More (to its owner)?

Um, why is the proposal to offer medical coverage to organ donors laughable? Can you please elaborate. I don't think it is a good idea either for the same reason that cash payment is not a good idea: Since an organ's value to its owner cannot be estimated with any degree of accuracy, it is unethical to artificially increase the likelihood that a person will donate. You may be cheating them. Thus, the decision to donate can only come from within. Then again, offering free medical coverage may be less incentive and more insurance against problems arising from the procedure.

Princeton Anti-Gay Riots Just One Boy's Imagination or What Does Anscombe Mean?

That was interesting last week, the whole Francisco Nava story. One
morning I read the newspaper headline saying a Princeton student who
is active in a conservative anti-gay campus group was beat up by two
thugs about 2 miles from campus. University officials are quoted as
saying pretty much, "This happened off-campus, so we aren't going near
it. Not our responsibility. Talk to the city police."

Conservative groups were (rightly) irked by the university's stance
and blamed it on a pro-liberal bias. The student body watched in
silence with an attitude of, "He deserved it. I would never condone
violence, of course, but these things happen. He was asking for it."

The next day, the papers reported Nava's admission that he had staged
the event. He hadn't been beaten; he had beaten himself. Oh, so you
mean there aren't actually vicious anti-conservative mobs surging
about Princeton township? What a relief. The University's response?
"We are looking into disciplinary action against Mr. Nava." You are?!
His putative attackers would have been off the hook with you because
the event happened off campus, but for a conservative there are
special rules, eh.

Don't get me wrong. I think Nava's behavior has been ridiculous and I
certainly do not sympathize with his agenda, but the extreme double
standard is making us look bad.

She's Having the Baby

Why is everyone hatin on Jamie Lynn Spears for becoming preggers? She has every right to bring a new life into this world if that is what she wants. Is it because her last name is Spears so people think it is a crime against humanity to propagate her genes? Do these people believe in eugenics?

Teenage pregnancy is often a problem because kids are not prepared for the responsibility either emotionally or financially to care for the child. Jamie Lynn is earning more than most people twice her age, thank you very much. She can afford to care quite well for her baby. If she made a decision to get pregnant, that does not make it time to open a national debate on when to teach kids about contraceptives. That is the wrong message to take from this.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Let's Have Them Debate Science Before They End It


How I found it

Well, Go On...

The Department is committed to seeking qualified students from backgrounds, groups or classes which have been underrepresented in the profession. Often such applications require special interpretation. If you have such a background, or are a member of such a group or class, or if there are special individual conditions or circumstances which should be considered in evaluating your application, please describe:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Can You Figure It Out?

New York University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution and considers all persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender and/or gender identity or expression, marital or parental status, national origin, ethnicity, citizenship status, veteran or military status, age, disability, and any other legally protected basis.

Friday, December 07, 2007

The New Zealand All Blacks (Unrated Cut)

The New Zealand All Blacks coach?! What da hell iddat? Ain't nobody have no fucking All White's team. Whadda devil they be having eny All Black's team for? That's a real load of racist bullshit, motherfucker, ya know what I mean? Ih people would go around having fucking All White's team dat be racist, riots in the fucking streets yo, budey go 'round having All Blacks teams nobody say jack shit. An ya know what else? They be having a white coach. Motherfuckers.

See, this is why nobody writes dialog the way people speak dialog. It is wrong. It doesn't sound more realistic. Even though it is. It just sounds uncouth. And it makes an irritating read. But sometimes y'all need that.

There was this one time (at band camp) when a guy said about a Midwestern kid who was visiting, "And he even says y'all". And he did. And it was hot. Not because saying y'all is hot, though. It was just the way he pulled it off. Didn't hurt that he had a great bod, either.

If I'm a good boy, I won't blog much in the next few weeks. It's finals season again. If you hear from me, I guess I'm being a bad boy: don't let me get away with it!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Best Commute Story Contest

Tell us the story of your daily commute. From "I walk to the 6 and take it downtown" to "I drive to JFK, board London-bound flight 007, get off at Heathrow where my valet is waiting to drive me to drive me to the Tube." How goes your daily commute?

I'll start: I get on the F, grab the pole in the middle of the subway car and start pole dancing until I wake up and realize I've fallen asleep sprawled on the floor and been dreaming about reading the papers I had brought because I need to review them by tomorrow.

Granted commutes aren't always that interesting. But I want to hear it anyway.

P. S. Why does my country's government think it has worldwide jurisdiction? ( illegal extradition ok'd by USA)

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Funny how certain pictures can pop up somewhere and suddenly you feel different. You feel naked. Exposed. Debased. I think it is an experience everyone should have. Write in.

P.S. Why does the porn filter at school think this blog is about teen sex? I haven't had teen sex in what - 5 months? Oh right, that link. That shouldn't count. Whatevs. Love.

Saturday, December 01, 2007