Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Name Isn't Humbert

If someone mentioned that in the past he had invited a gay guy for shabbos but made sure the guy came a week when there were no high school boys over so there "shouldn't be any problems", would that not be insulting? If such a one invited me, would you think it crazy if I felt too offended by said "precautions" to take him up on his offer? Haha, even as we were speaking a beautiful high school boy was breaking my heart with his smile scarcely 3 meters away. But so what? I would never hurt a kid or involve them in anything inappropriate or break the law and certainly wouldn't do anything with anyone who is unwilling. And I have found plenty of quite attractive people who are of age, thank you. Just because someone is gay, you think they're Mr. Humbert Humbert? Offensive as hell.

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