Thursday, August 28, 2008

SEX-wanted ads in Denver spike with DNC

Yeah, except I think you mean that correlation does not imply causation. Correlation certainly does imply correlation!

btw, what do you think is a good gift to give along with Shakespeare's Sonnet 29?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Balancing Cardio and Resistance Training

Yeah, well the new job is in Jersey, so there is the commute issue. But I got a place to stay just minutes from the office and I've been going home just for the weekends. It's only for the summer for now, but anything can happen. I signed up at the local gym. I like the idea of stopping off in the city to go clubbing during my weekly commute. If I'm not sounding coherent, well these 12 hour workdays and late night workouts are not giving me much chance to sleep and I'm trying to get an update posted and get back to work quickly. Ahhh.

Anyway, my phone cracked last week. Thank god for Facebook, I could at least let my friends know why I'm not answering their calls.

My birthday's coming up. Tomorrow, actually. I'm gonna postpone it a few weeks. I really only meant to push it off a few days to a week like usual, but the scheduling has become complicated with a full time job.

Not familiar with the system of flexible birthdays? In the Jewish calendar, the 9th day of the month of Av, on which I was born, is a day of national mourning. So its never been a day for celebrating birthdays. And if I'm gonna change the date anyway, why not stay young a little longer. lol
. . .

I just finished listening to my boss reminisce about the days he worked till 3:00AM. He once billed a client for 24 hours in one day. Yikes! Btw, if you use the ellipse feature in your word processor, make sure people know if you want spaces between the dots. Or don't. Up to you.

Oh yeah, the title. You know me, the titles don't always quite fit. But for the sticklers, make sure you know your primary goals. Make sure you get the right nutrition. There's differences of opinion, but in general you should have sufficient carbs to fuel you cardio and sufficient protein to recover from weight sessions and the key word is balance and don't overdo it.

P.S. Disregard the last thing about the relevance to the title. That advice is silly, get some real advice elsewhere. But if you want to sign up for personal training, let me know. haha