Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Sir, Ummm--No

This kid's fine. Someone out there isn't.

Last time I checked, this item was on clearance for like $11 and I strongly considered buying it. But it was only available in an XL. Now apparently someone bought it. I don't think I should need to tell you this, but if you're thinking about buying a tight little thong in a size XL--don't. Either you fit a smaller size or just wear normal underwear... Thoughts?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fwd: We're coming to get you!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brian Ellner
Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Subject: We're coming to get you!
To: Teddy Douglas

Dear Teddy,

I am a New Yorker. And I believe New York should be leading the
nation on equality. It's an embarrassment that five other states and
the District of Columbia have embraced marriage equality before New

That's why I'm so excited to share with you the news that I've joined
the Human Rights Campaign to lead its Campaign for New York Marriage.

The goal of our Campaign is simple: to elect state lawmakers who support marriage equality and to oust those who voted against it. We
plan on winning – but we need your help, right now, to fuel our campaign.

Please support the Campaign for New York Marriage. We'll use every single dollar in the New York fight for equality, beginning with Senate primary races happening right now.

Donate today:

It's simple math. We now need 6 more votes in the State Senate. This fall, with your help, we can make that happen. A warning to New York
State Senators who voted against marriage equality: we're coming to get you. And if you support equality, we will support you.

Your support is urgent. The Senate primaries are in full swing between now and September and the general election is in November.

Your support is critical. Our success will come down to how much money we can raise and spend in these races, many of which are against anti-equality incumbents with deep pockets.

One-hundred percent of your contribution goes to ensuring that we
have the votes to pass marriage equality:

When you donate, you're ensuring that we have the resources to elect candidates who support equality and defeat candidates who don't.



PS Check out the New York Times article about the Campaign, and a huge thank you to everyone for your personal support.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The iPhone Vs. Android App Store War

I never met anyone with 250,000 apps on their iPhone. And when you realize that the App Store's app count includes:
  • 741 flashlight apps that do the same thing
  • 1915 battery meter apps that replicate the functionality of the little battery icon Apple was kind enough to place in the top right corner of your screen
  • 910 mirror apps that don't do much more than the front-facing camera or the glass back of the iPhone body
etc., you'll see why the Great App War between Apple and Google is a farce.

Microsoft just announced it is offering incentives to woo developers to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft, do yourself a favor and make fun of Apple for its giant, unwieldy app store instead of trying to catch up. It's an opportunity to change the dialog about apps from quantity to quality.

Build a couple of really good apps and show people that Windows Phone 7 doesn't stress you out with an overload of junk apps like Apple.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Annnd that's thaa way it is. (Pride Edition)

My life has 2 parts. The first 25 years are heretofore to be referred to as BiP (before iPhone); the current era, begun about a week and a half ago, is dated AiP.

Of course, as I approach my 26th birthday this rebirth in the era of Anno iPhoni gives me the ability to tell people I'm much younger. I'm 2 weeks old, AiP.

But more to the point, it is a life altering device. People with iPhones have more sex, too. It's a fact.

To rewind, Pride was a total bust. Well, not total. I still had fun. I missed the parade. But not without good cause. After staying up Saturday night partying with the most beautiful people and having so much fun, I'm sure I could be forgiven for waking up late on Sunday. After 20 minutes of hula hooping (my latest fitness craze), I rushed to the city, dumped my stuff at my hotel, and raced after the parade barefoot, flipflops in hand. I never caught it; just ended up amongst the massive post-parade throngs in the Village.

I frantically called and texted all my friends at the parade, but no one was up for a post-parandial outing. Each one said he had been drained by the hot sun and was eager to go home and rest. I, having woken up as late as I did, was full of energy.

The iPhone with its Google Maps saved me from getting lost in the Village, Facebook for iPhone helped me update friends on my whereabouts and see who's up for a party. Eventually I made contact with a cute friend who also had missed the parade, due to work. We went club hopping and wound up back at the hotel with a third for what amounted to a brief nap before getting up for work Tuesday morning.

Then Thursday was Splash, met up with Nate and his boyfriend Kyle. I love these guys. I went to see their new Manhattan apartment and crashed there snuggled between them. There's no feeling like it. Sometimes I think instead of searching for a boyfriend, I should be searching for a couple. Or maybe I found one.

Friday hung out with some frat boys. One was a techie who introduced me to the world of Aeon Flux, a dystopian superhero with a Kenny complex. The two drank beer while I drank water (less calories) and then they pulled off my pants and sucked me.

Saturday night, went out to Rush and after dancing ended up going with him back to the Columbia dorms, where we spent several delicious hours before waking up early so he could go meet some friends in the Hamptons for Independence Day celebrations.

The gym was closed for the holiday, so I just laid out in the quad and soaked up some rays. It was peaceful. And hot. Like 97 degrees all day. I ripped the legs off my jeans before going back out to watch the fireworks.

After the fireworks show, we tried going for ice cream but wouldn't wait on the long lines that formed at the ice cream parlors near the pier as thousands of overheated fireworks-watchers swarmed the city after the show.

So we went to Therapy for drinks. A good time was had by all, but the guys bailed early, leaving me with too much time on my hands. I walked around a bit and eventually made my way back home. Oh,, one of the guys I was with at the fireworks was the "date" guy from the other time. I still have a big crush on him, but he seemed to be in "just friends" mode. Hmm.

Good News!

Thanks to Brian Ellner, I was able to take back my sidebar.

Since Ellner announced the Campaign for New York Marriage, backed by the HRC, I'm planning to transfer the resources from Accountability 2010 to them and back their organization instead of trying to do it myself. Thanks to all of you who helped out, and will continue to work for the cause of marriage equality!

The new campaign, like our A2010, will seek to re-elect state lawmakers who supported the bill on same-sex marriage last year, and to oust those who voted against it. After passing by a wide margin in the State Assembly, the bill was defeated by an eight-vote margin in the Senate despite a vigorous lobbying effort spearheaded by the Empire State Pride Agenda.

It is worth noting that the Human Rights Campaign did nothing here last election season and completely deserted gay New Yorkers in their time of need. Hopefully they've seen the error of their ways.

In place of the A2010 appeal, I'm adding a link to my Yelp reviews!