Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The iPhone Vs. Android App Store War

I never met anyone with 250,000 apps on their iPhone. And when you realize that the App Store's app count includes:
  • 741 flashlight apps that do the same thing
  • 1915 battery meter apps that replicate the functionality of the little battery icon Apple was kind enough to place in the top right corner of your screen
  • 910 mirror apps that don't do much more than the front-facing camera or the glass back of the iPhone body
etc., you'll see why the Great App War between Apple and Google is a farce.

Microsoft just announced it is offering incentives to woo developers to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft, do yourself a favor and make fun of Apple for its giant, unwieldy app store instead of trying to catch up. It's an opportunity to change the dialog about apps from quantity to quality.

Build a couple of really good apps and show people that Windows Phone 7 doesn't stress you out with an overload of junk apps like Apple.

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