Monday, July 05, 2010

Good News!

Thanks to Brian Ellner, I was able to take back my sidebar.

Since Ellner announced the Campaign for New York Marriage, backed by the HRC, I'm planning to transfer the resources from Accountability 2010 to them and back their organization instead of trying to do it myself. Thanks to all of you who helped out, and will continue to work for the cause of marriage equality!

The new campaign, like our A2010, will seek to re-elect state lawmakers who supported the bill on same-sex marriage last year, and to oust those who voted against it. After passing by a wide margin in the State Assembly, the bill was defeated by an eight-vote margin in the Senate despite a vigorous lobbying effort spearheaded by the Empire State Pride Agenda.

It is worth noting that the Human Rights Campaign did nothing here last election season and completely deserted gay New Yorkers in their time of need. Hopefully they've seen the error of their ways.

In place of the A2010 appeal, I'm adding a link to my Yelp reviews!

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