Sunday, June 20, 2010

What happens to a dream deferred

I skipped going out Thursday night in favor of gym, sleep, and being able to wake up before noon. It was worth it. Got a date, and a trip to the beach. The beach was fun. Chill.

Then I met this guy on the train. It was crazy, we were looking at each other the whole time. I flipped him my card as I walked out at my stop. I was shaking. I didn't know if it was crazy or creepy or what. But he called and it was so awesome. Maybe I'll see him again.

Date tonight. Omg this is so unusual for me. An actual, agreed upon in advance, date? We still haven't decided where to go.

Date rocked, but I got there so late he was tired so I don't think he was into it and I left feeling utterly deflated. So I went to the Ritz, saw some friends and picked up this cutie. We hooked up in the car and I felt kinda better.

Wow, awesome dream last night. I was living in this house near a dorm and the dorm kids wanted to come in and party. We had some kind of party, I made friends with some of them and wound up in their place. It was full of wild sex at every turn. I walked in with this girl I was talking to, we walked past the girls bathroom and there was this girl climbing up the sink trying to masturbate herself on the faucet. My friend then opens a stall, sees another girl in there and follows her in, starting to get it on with her - I don't remember if she bothered to even close the stall.

Then, I walked back to the boys area where there were a bunch of guys all over each other in the showers, in pretty open view. I soon found a boy of my own :) These guys were my kind of people. So open and beautiful..

Then, what's a story without some drama? So there was this aggressive group that wanted me to go through some kind of initiation and they made me pee into a cup in front of them all. So I did and I thought it was all pretty hot anyway. But then somehow it wasn't enough for one of the guys, maybe I'd been with his girl idk and he came at me to attack me. It being my dream and all, I gave him a sound beating and became something of a hero among most of the guys and girls.

But he had this group of friends and I knew they would only hate me more. So next time, he came at me I was readying some stick weapon to defend myself, but I took him down, dragged him over to the lake and held him under. As I had him under I thought about what I should do. I didn't want to kill him, but I knew if I let him up he'd be furious for revenge. Anyway I let him up gasping and called it a warning. After that I think pretty much the war calmed down and everybody had makeup sex.

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