Monday, July 07, 2008

More Later

Haven't updated in awhile. Partly because I didn't have email access when the internet filtering software staged a ferocious coup on my system. My father has graciously tamed that savage beast and made email safe again. Nothing much has happened and yet so much has happened. If you've been reading my blog you may understand. I think I got a better understanding in therapy. I realized that I thought nothing happened if nothing sensational and objectively interesting happened. But I'm trying to see my inner life and thoughts as having some importance of their own, if only because they are important to me. It's hard to believe it because I think this stuff would be boring. Someone else's sh1t would be boring to me. Unless they were important to me (read: cute). But that made me realize that if you like someone their nonsense becomes genuinely important. So I have to think about this. btw, if anyone reading this does appreciate hearing what I have to say, it would help if you told me. More later.