Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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Thank you to our recent blog visitors from Canada, Brazil, Israel, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, Korea, and of course, the USA. Thank you also to the not-so-recent visitors from Argentina, Australia, Poland, Ireland, Greece, Spain, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the UK. We miss you guys.

Bush says he's sorry for the static, but don't worry because it's only from the dead people. And the rest of the world isn't any better. (Most countries are much worse. Even you neutral countries cannot escape blame because you have responsibilities too. Many of America's blunders come from trying to help, but we'd all be worse off if they just stayed out.)

The Pope does not apologize b/c he is the Pope and that's how it is. What a shame. He really insulted Islam. He also insulted the Jews not long ago if I remember correctly. Its blunder after blunder for poor Pope Benedict. Really a shame after John Paul did so much to improve inter-religious relations and correct the historical wrongs of his predecessors. It looks like we are back in the Middle Ages. Speaking of going off on a tangent (is that what we were speaking of?) Yale University created a center for the inter-disciplinary academic study of anti-Semitism. The University cited growing levels of anti-Semitism in Europe and other parts of the world and the need to understand why hostilities erupt between religious factions.

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Josh Hartnett is Suddenly Everywhere

And thank G-d for that! I happened to see 40 Days and 40 Nights the other day (loved it) and next I know, Josh turns up on the cover of GQ (October issue). He just took a (short) break from Hollywood to learn boxing for his upcoming movie Resurrecting the Champ. Josh takes his roles very seriously, gets fully into them, and does a great job. He's more than just a pretty face. Josh's filmography already inclues Sin City, Black Hawk Down, The Black Dahlia (2006), Lucky Number Slevin, Pearl Harbor and more. It's worth checking out the spread in GQ.

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Ben Savage Lives

MySpace has done it again: The web-world has gone crazy over Boy Meets World star Ben Savage after MySpace pranksters reported that he died in an auto accident. Fortunatley, Ben is alive and well, performing a small-time role in movie Palo Alto. Ben was great in BMW, but apparently is past his prime.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Self proclaimed "pop star" Aaron Carter (18) breaks off an engagement to older brother Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's ex-girlfriend after only 6 days. Aaron popped the question to Playboy model and former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche on stage after he had known her for just days, then admitted he had gotten, "caught up in the moment" and "made a mistake."

Aaron's music is only mediocre but he's really cute and he's still young. And the girls sure love him: Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff are just a few of the names on this phenom's growing list of ex-es. His next big gig is a TV show he's set to do with Nick called House of Carters. Find out more about AC at

Former President Bill Clinton made headlines for his heated response to Chris Wallace's pointed questions about bin Laden during a television interview. Clinton was interviewed about his Clinton Global intitiative, a large-scale humanitarian and charitable project out to solve the worlds problems. Clinton has raised over $16 billion for the project which plans, among other things, to install playground equipment in African towns that will serve the dual purpose of powering underground water pumps to provide fresh drinking water to the residents. Wallace took the opportunity to press the former president about his handling of al-Qaida during his presidency. See the Clinton Foundation site at

Chris Simms of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) had his spleen surgically removed after sustaining damage during a loss to the Carolina Panthers. Team officials have expressed hope that he will play again. From

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Song of the Month: Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday. (That would mean 5 more days of sleep.) It's that back-to-school feeling, that end of an age, a so-long to innocence and long sunny afternoons, parties and freedom. Summer has come and passed/The innocent can never last/Wake me up when September ends/Here comes the rain again/Falling from the stars/Drenched in my pain again/Becoming who we are... But don't get me wrong, I like school and love to learn. I'm working on a fascinating research project now, and I'm going home to the States soon for a week-long visit, which I am looking forward to. Last time I went home for a month and was not a happy camper, but I think I've matured a lot in the last 6 months and anyway, this time will only be for a week.


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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Verdict Is IN

America's favorite nonfiction writer is... Noam Chomsky. He was the only author listed twice on's top 25 bestsellers. Everything he writes turns to gold. He has 3 books that recieved 3000 or more citations on Google Scholar and an additional 7 works in the 1000 cite club (3/7). For comparison Einstein has only 1 article in the 3000 club (1/0) and Darwin never made it (0/4). Ok, so google.scholar isn't a perfect record, but trust me any researcher will tell you it's pretty good. A highly useful resource. Anyway another citation superstar, Al Bandura made the 3000 club 4 times and has another 2 articles in the 1000 club (4/2). Some dude PK Smith earned over 5000 cites for a biochem piece, but he was a one hit wonder (1/0). Chomsky's success is rare, but often well deserved. His genius is darkened only by his awful anarchist politics, his idiotic stance against Israel, but his good ideas are not to be ignored.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


(The original of this post got lost, and you now how the rewrite can never match the original, but here goes.) I went to a friend's wedding last week. It was a lot of fun. Beautiful. The groom was stunning. I've actually had a crush on him since we met about 4 years ago, but apparently he's not gay. Oh well. As long as he's happy, that's the main thing. Cute couple. Pretty girl, wonderful sweet smile, but I still think she got the better deal: he's hotter than she is. I disgust myself - there is so much more to a relationship, and especially a marriage, than just looks. They are preparing a whole life, they have plans together, education, careers. They care for each other, entertain each other, enjoy spending time with one another and doing things together (and not just, ahem). I have a lot of maturing to do.

I danced like mad at the wedding, and didn't even drink. I've been trying to loosen up more w/out booze. It's hard. I've often relied on alcohol to loosen up and have fun at parties, but I know I have to grow up and learn to just be who I want to be without chemicals. Oh, I remembered the other part I had written in this post. It was a bit, I've probably written it before, about how I want to be less selfish and help others. I said, my life must seem pretty boring to you. ;-( If I would do more for others it would probably spice up my life, but that is not why I want to do it. I want to make the world a better place. Cliche? If only it would be more of a cliche, you know what I mean?

P.S. Looks like they found the original copy. It is better; see below and compare for yourself.


I went to a friend's wedding last week. It was a lot of fun. Beautiful. I danced like mad and didn't even drink. I've been trying to loosen up more w/out alcohol. It's hard. I've often relied on alcohol to loosen up and have fun at parties, but I know I have to grow out of that and learn to be who I want to be without chemicals. Anyway, the groom was stunning. I've had a crush on him since we met about 4 years ago, but apparently he's not gay. Oh, well. As long as he's happy, that's what counts. His bride's grandfather died three days after the wedding and the couple flew to California for the funeral. Sad. Kind of awkward. Life is full of these odd quirks. All the best. You think my life is boring, don't you. ;-( I think most lives are, even many of the ones that we think would be interesting. 1 important thing that is missing from my life is helping others. I got to do more for other people and be less selfish. That would probably spice up my own life, but that isn't the reason to do it. I want to help people, "to make the world a better place". Cliche? If only it would become more of a cliche, you know?

The Quickie

Yah, I don't have much time now, b/c the dude wants to close the maabada (lab). Just wanted to check in and tell y'all more is on the way. Isn't "y'all" a cute expression? Well, the way this cute boy in my school (who unfortunately isn't in my class) says it it seems divine. Anyway, it's almost time to register for Fall classes. I wonder what I'll take. The summer break was great. Relaxing. Hard to get back to work, to schedules, responsibilities. Stuff happened, I guess. Wonder if it interests you... I moved. Switched apartments, only about 5 blocks from where I was, nothing major. Got two weeks notice from the lanlord at my old place that we all have to move out. That was it: 2 weeks and you're all out. Just like that. No reason given. The rent was all paid up on time. Spent four days 'on the street', hopping between friends' places till I found this place, but now I'm settled in there and it's cool.

Oh, the Question of the Day: You're seeing a guy for a while, you've slept together several times, hung out, gone out, when does he become your "boyfriend"? How does it get official? I mean, also, like this: you spent 3 or 4 nights together in a week. Who knows how many people he was with that week besides you? Ok, so he's not like that. He's not a slut. But the truth is you don't know where people are holding. And you don't want to push things where they are going to get prickly, you don't want to assume too much - or too little. Whatever, I guess we'll talk it over. When he comes back from New York... Thing is also - and I've told him this - I eventually want to get married - to a girl - so this thing, though we're loving it, can't last. I want him to enjoy his vacation in NY. I can't be there. I'm in Israel. I don't know if he's "on the prowl" there or he wants to be "faithful" to me, I don't know if we even have that kind of relationship that there is such a thing as that he's "faithful to me". But I don't begrudge him his fun if that is what he wants. I want him to be happy, why should he ruin his vacation that he looked forward to for so long (if that's what he wanted) just because we met several weeks before?

Shit, relationships! (Sorry, I'll try to watch my language.) I sometimes try to keep my emotions out of it so as not to get hurt. Some of this is conscious, some unconscious. I think, so what if I date a guy and he's seeing other people too, if he's there for me and cares for me, and I for him, who cares what he does when I'm not around? And if the concern is STDs, that is a problem anyway and that is what protection is for. I sound pretty vulgar. I wish I had answers. I do't even know what I want. I wish I could express better what I feel; I don't think I did justice here now, it came out a little one sided - lacking the proper balance that I would have liked to provide. But time is short.

More later. G'bye! XOXOXO