Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Verdict Is IN

America's favorite nonfiction writer is... Noam Chomsky. He was the only author listed twice on's top 25 bestsellers. Everything he writes turns to gold. He has 3 books that recieved 3000 or more citations on Google Scholar and an additional 7 works in the 1000 cite club (3/7). For comparison Einstein has only 1 article in the 3000 club (1/0) and Darwin never made it (0/4). Ok, so google.scholar isn't a perfect record, but trust me any researcher will tell you it's pretty good. A highly useful resource. Anyway another citation superstar, Al Bandura made the 3000 club 4 times and has another 2 articles in the 1000 club (4/2). Some dude PK Smith earned over 5000 cites for a biochem piece, but he was a one hit wonder (1/0). Chomsky's success is rare, but often well deserved. His genius is darkened only by his awful anarchist politics, his idiotic stance against Israel, but his good ideas are not to be ignored.

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~rAGU said...

Thanks for comments. I never disagree with itellectuals though. They are right most of the time but awfully ahead of the society by centuries (Born several centuries before they actually had to :))
I have not read Chomsky though have heard of him. Thanks that makes me read his writings now. 'Idiotic stance against Isrel' is something I will have look for along with other things.