Sunday, September 10, 2006


I went to a friend's wedding last week. It was a lot of fun. Beautiful. I danced like mad and didn't even drink. I've been trying to loosen up more w/out alcohol. It's hard. I've often relied on alcohol to loosen up and have fun at parties, but I know I have to grow out of that and learn to be who I want to be without chemicals. Anyway, the groom was stunning. I've had a crush on him since we met about 4 years ago, but apparently he's not gay. Oh, well. As long as he's happy, that's what counts. His bride's grandfather died three days after the wedding and the couple flew to California for the funeral. Sad. Kind of awkward. Life is full of these odd quirks. All the best. You think my life is boring, don't you. ;-( I think most lives are, even many of the ones that we think would be interesting. 1 important thing that is missing from my life is helping others. I got to do more for other people and be less selfish. That would probably spice up my own life, but that isn't the reason to do it. I want to help people, "to make the world a better place". Cliche? If only it would become more of a cliche, you know?

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