Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thanks for Visiting, Please Come Again

Thank you to our recent blog visitors from Canada, Brazil, Israel, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, Korea, and of course, the USA. Thank you also to the not-so-recent visitors from Argentina, Australia, Poland, Ireland, Greece, Spain, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the UK. We miss you guys.

Bush says he's sorry for the static, but don't worry because it's only from the dead people. And the rest of the world isn't any better. (Most countries are much worse. Even you neutral countries cannot escape blame because you have responsibilities too. Many of America's blunders come from trying to help, but we'd all be worse off if they just stayed out.)

The Pope does not apologize b/c he is the Pope and that's how it is. What a shame. He really insulted Islam. He also insulted the Jews not long ago if I remember correctly. Its blunder after blunder for poor Pope Benedict. Really a shame after John Paul did so much to improve inter-religious relations and correct the historical wrongs of his predecessors. It looks like we are back in the Middle Ages. Speaking of going off on a tangent (is that what we were speaking of?) Yale University created a center for the inter-disciplinary academic study of anti-Semitism. The University cited growing levels of anti-Semitism in Europe and other parts of the world and the need to understand why hostilities erupt between religious factions.

Random! Anyway, drop me a line. Comment please. Anything.

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