Monday, September 25, 2006


Self proclaimed "pop star" Aaron Carter (18) breaks off an engagement to older brother Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's ex-girlfriend after only 6 days. Aaron popped the question to Playboy model and former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche on stage after he had known her for just days, then admitted he had gotten, "caught up in the moment" and "made a mistake."

Aaron's music is only mediocre but he's really cute and he's still young. And the girls sure love him: Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff are just a few of the names on this phenom's growing list of ex-es. His next big gig is a TV show he's set to do with Nick called House of Carters. Find out more about AC at

Former President Bill Clinton made headlines for his heated response to Chris Wallace's pointed questions about bin Laden during a television interview. Clinton was interviewed about his Clinton Global intitiative, a large-scale humanitarian and charitable project out to solve the worlds problems. Clinton has raised over $16 billion for the project which plans, among other things, to install playground equipment in African towns that will serve the dual purpose of powering underground water pumps to provide fresh drinking water to the residents. Wallace took the opportunity to press the former president about his handling of al-Qaida during his presidency. See the Clinton Foundation site at

Chris Simms of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL) had his spleen surgically removed after sustaining damage during a loss to the Carolina Panthers. Team officials have expressed hope that he will play again. From

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Song of the Month: Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday. (That would mean 5 more days of sleep.) It's that back-to-school feeling, that end of an age, a so-long to innocence and long sunny afternoons, parties and freedom. Summer has come and passed/The innocent can never last/Wake me up when September ends/Here comes the rain again/Falling from the stars/Drenched in my pain again/Becoming who we are... But don't get me wrong, I like school and love to learn. I'm working on a fascinating research project now, and I'm going home to the States soon for a week-long visit, which I am looking forward to. Last time I went home for a month and was not a happy camper, but I think I've matured a lot in the last 6 months and anyway, this time will only be for a week.

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