Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Drosselmeyer's Maker

So what do Paris1, Berlin 2 , Winnipeg 3, Providence Rhode Island4, Casper Wyoming 5 , Palm Springs, West Sacramento, and Chula Vista California 4 have in common? Gay mayors!

And in the spirit of the holidays, The Nutcracker composer Tchaikovsky was gay, too.


George said...

Just came across your stuff, cool thoughts. can't wait to go back in time and read more

Hope your week is going well


dhani said...

yes!!! gay mayor in berlin... i met him in town and on some parties... hes sooo cool. OLD... but cool. :P

Teddy Douglas said...

wow dhani, the mayor hangs out in town and goes to parties? Just imagine Bloomberg at a party! He's a great guy, but a bit too high-class-y to chill with the bourgois.

George, thanks for the compliment! You know I love you. xoxo, gossip girl. (sorry, couldn't resist)