Monday, December 03, 2007

Best Commute Story Contest

Tell us the story of your daily commute. From "I walk to the 6 and take it downtown" to "I drive to JFK, board London-bound flight 007, get off at Heathrow where my valet is waiting to drive me to drive me to the Tube." How goes your daily commute?

I'll start: I get on the F, grab the pole in the middle of the subway car and start pole dancing until I wake up and realize I've fallen asleep sprawled on the floor and been dreaming about reading the papers I had brought because I need to review them by tomorrow.

Granted commutes aren't always that interesting. But I want to hear it anyway.

P. S. Why does my country's government think it has worldwide jurisdiction? ( illegal extradition ok'd by USA)


Book Calendar said...

I take the bus to the subway where I read for a while, either the newspaper or a book. When I get to the train, I buy a cup of coffee, then catch the train and read some more. I like reading on subways and trains, it takes longer but it allows me to think. Then I get to work.

heyboy said...

Same here. The subway takes about 15 to 25 minutes longer than bus but it is somehow easier to read.