Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pizza and Stories and Falafel and Movies and Hockey and Swimming and Baseball and Love and War and Domination and Learning and Kindness and Selfishnes

I kinda wonder what this blog is going to be about. I mean, sometimes I think I'm pretty boring, but other times there is this whole world of intrigue in my breast. I notice a lot of poetry on blogger. There are also a lot of dead blogs. These dead blogs that were started once and never written in again can fill Bloggpost Cemetery, the nation's largest. I waste so much time on the internet it's crazy.

I'm trying to find myself. Maybe you can help me. I'm trying to save the world. I want to enjoy life. I want to make money and earn respect. I want to graduate college. NO, not just graduate, but earn a double major and become valedictorian. But I don't even want to be in college. Got better things to do. Like find love. Or God.

Life is hard. Life is easy. Maybe it's so easy it becomes hard, ya know what I mean? Like the basics are easy so you have time on your hands to think about the rest, and then it all makes so little sense its real hard...

Well, if anybody is listening (funny how we call it listening when all you do is read: the language is querky that way) feel free to comment and become a thread in the tapestry of my life. Yah, that was pretty lame, but I'm not thinking anyway.

Oh, and about those graveyard blogs, I hope this one will last. Love

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