Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I learned how to post pics; not sure how I'll use that option in the future. So, about me. I grew up in the burough of Queens in New York City and I've been studying in the Holy Land, which I must say is a really rad location to be, for the last 10 months.

Aside from the terrorist suicide bombs the Israel Defense Force is always working to prevent (and the Kassam rockets they are always shooting at us from the Gaza land we returned this past summer) and the fear of being blown up on my way to school and stuff there is a wealth of excitement.

Honestly, though, the citizens don't live in fear. They go about normal lives. They're tough. Jerusalem has culture galore! It is the center of Israeli commerce, government, education, and nightlife. It has malls and theaters, universities and outdoor markets (shuks). The city is so colorful and fun it would be a tourist attraction even without its religious significance, of which it has plenty. (And it's not far from the beaches.)

My major thus far is psychology, though my interests are wide-ranging and I'm not sure I won't change to do something else. I gave up my childhood for pursuit of academic success in hopes of being admitted to a top college. After being named valedictorian of my high school class, however, I got religion and went to a Rabbinical college. Don't get nervous now and think I'm some kind of freak, I'm still a normal friendly guy like you.

OK, I'm a crazy freak, with horns - no - antlers! and I am plotting to take over the world! Not. What did you expect, I'm not a perfect person... there's many things I wish I didn't do... I just want you to know... to change how I used to be... and the reason is youuu... sorry 'bout that, I love that Hoobastank song.

Anyway, they said some really smart things there, I learned a lot about alll kinds of things, and then decided to continue my secular education. Which finds me now trying to come up with a term paper for English Comp and a lecture with an innovative perspective on a psychiatric disorder for Abnormal Psych. My other courses this semester include Stats, Calculus, and Management. The wacky thing is that I'm so overloaded my academic advisor had to pull strings to make my schedule allowable, and I still have time to go drinking at night and sleep half the day. Ahhh, college life!

Back to my paper, Ive been researching the literature of the fin de siecle period (end of the 19th century). As it turns out, most of the major writers, and indeed most artists and intellectuals throughout the ages, were gay (or at least bisexual). Okay, maybe not most but Socrates, Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Caravaggio, Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky, Lord Byron, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, Allen Ginsberg, Herman Melville, Tenessee Williams, and many more are recognized as homosexuals. As were many Kings and Emperors. Even the Roman god Zeus in the legend of Ganymede was portrayed as, if such a term can be used of a god, gay. As Syms would say, these are names you must know (whatever that means).

I'm getting sidetracked here. The paper will probably be something to do with the nature and psychology of evil, the portrayal of conscience, and the use of doppelgangers and magical elements. I'm still trying to narrow it down and gather information, and, if possible, make it actually fit the assigned guidelines (fat chance of that). I welcome as always any helpful suggestions or ideas. Spread the love! And if you are still reading this massive post, here's my thanks and a kiss from me to you ∙}{∙ Does that look right? Anyway, don't hate me.

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