Saturday, April 15, 2006

Family Life

Whoa. Three days of feasting on fish and meat and matzah and lettuce. Three days of being home with my parents. Time to hit the gym and take off those extra pounds. Crazy how many times my Mom and Dad tried to wake me up. Every morning, every afternoon... and they were so dissapointed each time I wanted some sleep! I feel constantly judged at home. I know they care about me and want the best for me, but I just can't live under the pressure.

My father is always doing things. It doesn't matter what, but he can't just sit and chill. Has to be puttering about, cleaning up, fixing things, working on some project or another. My mother too. On the one hand it's great that they have so much strength and such a high work ethic; a real desire to get ahead. But still, it's a shame they can't relax. So the holiday was an experience. It's good to know I'm going back to school soon. I love my parents, but for now I think we're better off with a long-distance relationship.

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