Friday, June 05, 2009

Thank You Ms. Stavisky For Your Support

Write your Senator today!

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Anonymous said...

I agree that same sex marriage should be permitted but not as a civil rights issue. This is a 14th amendment equal protection issue. The government is granting services to some (heterosexuals) and not to others (homosexuals).

Since the marriage program of the Federal government is a tax and spend program it only requires a rational basis (and just about anything will count). Only when the law is aimed at a suspect class (race, national origin) is strict scrutiny applied (the program must be substantially related to a compelling government interest). Here, sexuality has not been ruled by the Supreme Court to be a suspect class. That is up to them should the issue ever arise before SCOTUS.

Politicians say buzzwords like civil rights and support the issue because it is a safe and popular thing to say. It is pandering to the homosexual advocacy movement. The real solution to the entire problem is to eliminate the governmental institution of marriage and provide only civil unions between two consenting adults, of any age and for any reason (love, sex, care of an elderly person). This gets the government out of the bedroom and homes of homosexual and straight people and provides the equal protection of the laws to all.

Has any politician ever advocated the removal of the government institution of marriage? No! Only platitudes about civil rights and half-hearted support.