Monday, June 08, 2009

Confessions Blog Link

Great series of posts from a former NYC go-go boy describes how
dancing almost destroyed his life - and how much he still misses it.

So true. It's such a rush. So much fun. But it becomes an addiction and
like any addiction pulls you deeper into its own world, and out of the
real one. He talks about needing more and more and the fear of losing
his fix. I'm not ready to write my own confession yet ;) but I
identify with what he writes, and am thankful I never fell in that deep, though it beckons temptingly.


Anonymous said...

i decided do identify myself to you so you at least know who I am, tomboy. Anyway check out jay brannan on youtube, you can probally relate to his lyrics somewhat. You need someone like him, hes sincere and real and hot and gay, but he doesnt identify himself as gay. Hes interesting check him out. Oh and hes single lol

Teddy Douglas said...

Thanks for letting me know who you are, and for reading, and writing, and caring. You must have changed your number again. I hope all is well for you, would love to know what's going on in your life.

I agree Jay Brannan is kinda hot (though I think he looked cuter with hair - remember shortbus?) and his lyrics are cool. I once was asked out to a JB concert, but my usual late self, I got there as it was ending. Felt so bad!

That was one messed up night. We spent about 4 hours on the train because we kept falling asleep and missing our stops - going back to my place, missing our stop, then deciding to head for his place, missing the stop.

Anonymous said...

Hey, yea its tomboy again. Yea my ex changed my number again. Thing are ok, but we never got to hang out.

Yea he was hotter with hair, but I think he looks pretty hot when hes singing and he gets this look in his eyes, its cute. That sounds like a crazy night. If you go to his website it says all his next performances, and I think theres one end of July in NY, you should try it, probably a good way of meeting people.

Teddy Douglas said...

Ahh your evil controlling ex-boyfriend stalker with whom you are madly and deeply in love. Now we'll have to hatch a secret plot to meet up without him finding out. Oh the thrill! Lol, it'll be just like a spy movie. He has your email passwords and your phone... Is still safe?

Anonymous said...

Id leave out the evil part but the rest of the description is pretty accurate. I really should start my own blog.My life is a movie, not a spy one but it got every genre. No hasn't been safe for the last 3 months, I haven't been on cause he changed my password.