Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm Liking:

Watching the sun set over the lake
Growing bank accounts
Interacting with friends (or, what passes for friends in my lonely world :)
Being active, exercising

Anyway, so in texts-from-last-night, the guy who last week said he wanted to ride me hard and fast and see if I could last until I make him cum decided, after several days of non-responding to messages, that he doesn't want to lead me on and just wants to be friends. Ah, relationships. So difficult to understand!

LA guy's coming back this week.

I keep thinking about taking a vacation, but there seems to be no point if I have no one to go with.


Anonymous said...

Very odd thing for "non-message boy" to do. Why would you want to be friends with someone who says one thing and then does another? Was that his way of saying "stop calling me!"? Is it just the people you meet or is it the entire gay male population that acts like this?

Teddy Douglas said...

Why would I want to be friends with him? Silly question. Lots of reasons. Was it a way of saying stop calling me? I don't know: it could be that, or maybe he does want to be friends. That's why it's complicated.

I did think about deleting your comment because of the sweeping generalizations and implied criticism of "the entire gay male population".

Anonymous said...

Oh, no insult intended to the gay community. I was just wondering if this is common in the gay community. That is all. An answer such as no more or less than the straight community would have been a good answer (if true).

Sven said...

I'll not deny that I had the same question. No offense intended - just curiosity.