Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Please Apply Six Months In Advance

Been looking for some summer work, finding it hard to break into the job market. Great school credentials, but little in the way of practical skills: Quark, Excel, SAS, Molecular Biology, etc. Got back my LSAT score. A bit disappointing, but maybe good enough for some of the schools on my list. Might have to take it again.

On a brighter note, I got accepted to a top science internship in a Molecular Genetics lab. They sent me a form-letter acceptance letter where they fill in the blanks: I am pleased to inform you that. . . Your host will be Professor so-and-so. . . You will receive a monthly subsistence allowance of ~ $US0 per month. . .

So I'll be raking in the dough if I take this offer. But it's a great opportunity to do some exciting work and pick up valuable experience.

So it's like Law, Journalism, Natural Science, or Social Science. Or something else. Do I seem confused? This is the short list.

Thats the update.

Thanks to Mad About The Boy for maintaining a wonderful blog and referencing mine here.

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