Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Break is in the Air

With midterms behind us and warm weather back at last, a sense of revitalization sweeps the nation. Sun is shining, people are smiling, that spring scent in the air. Flowers popping up from the ground, not quite worth winter to experience its end, but magnificent nonetheless.

If a not-so-impressive 30-ish guy offers to buy you a drink and you have no intention of anything with him, is it taking advantage to accept the drink? I said no thanks, but he ordered anyway, so I drank. We talked for a while, and then he was ready to leave and I wasn't coming with him. He asked for a kiss goodnight, and I gave him a light peck because I saw he really wanted it and it didn't cost me anything. Then he said, sounding hurt, "If someone asks for a kiss a little tongue would be nice." I didn't want to laugh in his face, and I'm not known for controlling my laughter, but I held it in and kinda mumbled some sort of apology. I'm a nice guy.

Then went upstairs to the dance floor and found an interesting pair. One of them was really cute, so I went over and asked for a dance. The other one responded, but it was just as well. The cute one said he wasn't quite gay, but then he took off his clothes and got in bed and it didn't matter. I can't believe I didn't read his last name when he showed me his GI ID.

My mind has taken to pairing songs with guys. So one is from Greenday, "My fingertips have memories, I can't forget the curves of your body, so when I feel a bit naughty..." Another will be, "There's something 'bout your body. Something 'bout your body, baby..."

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