Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What Is Your Political Iama?

You know what's funny? It's all the same people who want to end the war in Iraq and save the residents of Darfur. These people claim to be humanitarian and peace-loving, but leaving the huge mess we made in Iraq may permit as much bloodshed there as we've seen in Sudan.

Then again, maybe the civil war in Iraq has to happen, and will happen regardless of any intervention, before the new republic matures. I prefer to believe there are other ways.

There is a zeitgeist that sweeps people up and directs them as to what to believe. Why is politics divided in to Left and Right? There are more than two dimensions. Nobody talks about the political Up or Down. I guess those terms, like Forward and Backward have too much baggage. So come up with new ones. Point is, there should be more than 2 if it were about the issues. I's not. It's about the group. I am a - this. And I am a - that. You identify with your iama, and choose your positions to match.

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