Thursday, March 29, 2007

Up and Running

Perseverance pays off. See, we got that dropdown menu up and running after all. Please check out our partners in the menu to your right (right under the links column on the sidebar). Many thanks to a magnificent help site, for making this a possibility. Their site may not look so pretty, but it's a powerhouse of helpful information.

Another interesting idea about what to blog about I found here. And Wyndham surely knows what to blog about at Mad About the Boy! Check out some great examples here and here.

While we're on the subject (what subject was that? You're confusing me.) I want to thank KC for maintaining a great site Closet Conundrums that unfortunately, I can't view too often because of anti-freedom software that is becoming increasingly popular and parading around under names like "SafeKids", "Safe Eyes", or "CyberPatrol", like they are doing a good thing. Filtering tools I believe they call it.

Anyway, check out our partners. L8terz.

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Mad About The Boy said...

Thank you for the lovely comment! Best wishes.