Sunday, March 11, 2007

Quotes on Innocence

Your verdict will be “Guilty” or “Not Guilty.” Your job is not to find innocence.
~Russell R Leggett

The innocent and the beautiful
Have no enemy but time;
~William Butler Yeats

Yes, Lord, you are innocence itself: how could you conceive of Nothingness, you who are plenitude? Your gaze is light and transforms all into light: how could you know the half-light in my heart?
~Jean-Paul Sartre

You may have known your neighbor yesterday for a thief, a drunkard, or a sensualist, and merely pitied or despised him, and despaired of the world; but the sun shines bright and warm this first spring morning, re-creating the world, and you ... feel the spring influence with the innocence of infancy, and all his faults are forgotten.
~Henry David Thoreau

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