Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How You Doing

New York. Newww Yoooorrrk. I was on line at Rite Aid and there were three girls and a guy behind me. They had been shopping together for condoms and lube and a bit uneasy about it. From the conversation it was clear the boy was gay. And then one of the girls turns to me and says, "He thinks you're cute." It was pretty cool. I'm used to that at bars, but not just on the street.

They banned "the N-word" (nigger) in New York. Bro, whad my niggaz think a dat? I think ihs a gross vy-o-lation o' da first amendment. (story)


Anonymous said...

They banned what?

Well as long as they are banning words, I would like the word "cracker" banned as well. It's true that America's youth are now using it in reference to tasty snack treats, but I regard it as degrading and a throwback to the times when Americans of darker skin used it as a form of counter derogatism.

We need to brutally crush all forms of disrespectful expression born of racial conflict!

Mad About The Boy said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your comment on my blog which brought me here.

You had me riveted - so interesting that I decided to do a short feature on you in Mad About The Boy.

Best wishes.

Teddy Douglas said...

LOL. I am all for crushing racial slurs, but through education, not legal action. Free speech must be protected.

matb - Thanks so much for your interest and positive talkback