Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I love Skins! New TV show on Britain's e4 network. Not usually into the British stuff, but this is really good. And refreshing to be away from Idiot America stuff. Poor America doesn't realize how far it has its head stuck up its Oh, never mind. I was so annoyed when the episodes were removed from veoh. I had downloaded episode 1 and 2, and the next day when I returned for 3 and 4, they were gone. Luckily, they were still available on youtube, but split up into 10 minute segments. And undownloadable, so when they are removed I won't have them :-( Oh well.

I was happy with the network, but then I saw them get uptight on the compyright and all, and now they don't seem so hot. Bad PR, if you ask me. How can 50,000 extra viewers be bad for a TV network, right? And when I considered paying (1 pound and episode), I found that it could only be downloaded from e4 within th UK. How dumb is that?

Btw, it seems the Brits have issues with the program: It reflects their way of life, which isn't always pretty. I think it's the same thing that bothers me about watching US TV: Why watch it when I live it? Let me watch something different and learn about other cultures. Oh, and have some fun in the process.


Malkele aka SAF said...

Yea! brits rock!

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Teddy Douglas said...

Brits rock? You're just saying that cause you're from London :-P OK, I can't blame you. Do you watch TV?