Friday, February 09, 2007

Hussein is Running for Prez in US

Did you know that Barack Obama's middle name is Hussein? (Now where did I see that?) I won't support him any less because he shares a name with Saddam. Will you? Winner and Loser were a pair of twins, Winner was convicted of a string of crimes and sent to jail, while his brother Loser is a successful lawyer. So what's in a name?

Anyway, five CW Post students are undergoing an investigation and punitive action for making a comic film about kidnapping a rubber duck. Apparently, local Muslims were insulted by the Middle Eastern accents used in the short. They want everyone to know that they don't kidnap rubber ducks. . . they've got more important things to do. . . I didn't say that!

If Barack Obama wins America in 2008 and Ehud Barack wins in Israel, imagine the fun the media will have playing up the Barack/Barack relationship.

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