Sunday, November 19, 2006

Vandalism or Art?

Some guy smashed my front door in Friday night, wanted to impress his girlfriend. Probably was drunk. My friends chased him out. But it got me thinking about the effect of the physical barriers in our lives on our level of psychological closedness. Don't we feel uneasy when we go to sleep without a door separating us from the street?

Think about how it's OK to share a house with 10 other guys and not close our bedroom doors, but it's not OK to share our personal space with strangers. Without the door, the living area becomes wide open. So you could look at it as losing privacy or as building an extension that incorporates the outside into the inside and provides a whole new perspective: Imagine a world without borders.

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Rodef Tanugot said...

Damn... I hate the feelin of sleepin with no front door. I've done it. Yeah man thats true. Like I've shared a house with like 20 guys who all somehow knew each other or share dmutual friends and it was like aight and you don't even really know them, but take your door away and......