Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Of Carrots and Consciousness

"Have you ever pictured yourself as a carrot? I mean try to really convince yourself you are a carrot and imagine how you would feel and act. I tried believing I was a dog the other day and it is crazy the ideas you'll come up with!"

Some people are blessed with wonderfully clever imaginations. The above quote is from a conversation I had last night. The guy asked if I think that is strange.

"Not at all. Most people have imaginations and wacky thoughts running through their minds. You happened to be brave enough to discuss it."

"No, not everyone has this kind of mind."

"Well, whether it is common or not, I think it's cool."

"But you are crazy anyway."

"Yah. I guess I am."

Your turn. Do you ever have these types of thoughts? Do you ever enjoy playing with your own mind, stretching it out just to see what it can do? Am I right that there are other people out there like us cognodelics?


trixies86 said...

gotta think about that.

Sara with NO H said...

Why a carrot when carrots are inanimate?
Now to think of being a bird, or a dog, or a mouse maybe. Try to imagine being a balloon. See balloon is is inanimate but no so much. Remember....everything in this world is on its way somewhere. You me, the dirt on the ground, rocks...even carrots.

Teddy Douglas said...

Why a carrot? Why not? But I'll have to try that ballon thing sometime.

Trixie: have you thought about it yet?

trixies86 said...

yup. I tried it this morning. I can do carrot very easily, but its a quick and boring life. I lived in the ground, then got picked out and then eaten. so then I decied to go the grocery store route. it wasn't that much longer.
I actually once told a story from the point of view of a carrot, so I should have figured I could do it.

Teddy Douglas said...

so trix, do you think many people think these types of thoughts?

trixies86 said...

well I don't usually do carrot. wouldn't have done it normal cause there are way more things more fun to be.
I think that most regular people imagine themselves as something else, although there are many people who don't imagine at all.