Sunday, November 12, 2006

Legal Limits on Google: I Vote For; Other News

Hi, Google. Do you see me? Yes? Good. I know you are watching. You always are. You see me in the Morning and in the Afternoon. Drunk at 3:00am, you are there. In bed with a partner, there you are. ICU (I see you) peeking, out from under the desk, from behind the mirror, from inside the light bulb. Do I sound paranoid, readers? Google knows it's true. They are also watching you! Doing homework, studying, eating, working, conversing, shopping, Big Brother is watching. YouTube, GoogleVideo, GoogleSearch, GoogleNews, GoogleEarth, GoogleScholar, Gmail, GoogleAhhhh the list goes on. About 20% of my daily time on the 'net is GoogleTime. Their products are great. Their privacy policy is nil. They have become ubiquitous and their growth is exponential. According to the latest predictive mathematical algorithms, there will soon be more than 24 hours of GoogleTime in every day. I love their functionality like the early colonials Americans loved George Washington, but I don't want to be ruled by a King. We have fought time and again for a free democracy, now we are heading towards a world-wide Googleocracy. What has seldom been accomplished by war is being done by bits, bytes, bots and URLs. W e l c o m e to the new BLOGGER.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programme. (US readers: program). In the end, the police canceled the gay parade and granted permits for a limited gathering in a football stadium instead. Some people on both sides said they won, others on both sides claimed they were discriminated against and treated unfairly. Propaganda and idiocy were strewn all about. We need more journalists and freedom of the press in this city. Problem isn't media censorship, it's reader who only want to read their views, whether it happened that way or not.

U.S. steps in to veto anti-Israel bill in the Security Council, again. The SC and the whole UN is primarily an Israel-bashing body that sometimes does some other stuff on the side. Israel is in a shaky position as the world heads toward nuclear disaster and the 3rd World War. Instead of dealing with the Nuclear Arms Race in Iran, North Korea, and half a dozen other rogue nations, it spends its time Israel-bashing for the hell of it. We are returning to the position of the Cuban Missile Crisis era, US superpowerdom is disintegrating, the world political situation is destabilizing, I wish I didn't have to sound so damn apocalyptic, please excuse the rough language, it's probably en vogue to spell excuse without the "e" (xcuse), Oliver North went back to Nicaragua, Ehud Olmert is back in America, and that's the way it is. Take it or leave it. Comment.

P.S. Court finds Dankner guilty of slandering Ben-Gvir on national TV, but fines him less than a quarter (US$0.23). Absurd.

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