Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Pleasure Man's Blog and Other Stuff

The Terminator turned Gubernator, and I figured I'd try Evaluator. Not as exciting, but whatever. I considered other stuff first: Aggregators are useful for RSS feeds and alligators can eat you. Adaptors make our appliances work on Israeli currents and a flux capacitor got the kid Back to the Future. The New York Times has a section called Opinionator.

Rodef Tanugot discusses his favorite music on Lamah Atah Me'atzben Oti? (Why Are You Annoying Me?). How's my translation? I kinda like the Hebrew touch, the rough edges, the in-your-face-I-was-an-Israeli-or-will-be-an-Israeli thing. Anyway, major potential there. May benefit from a spring cleaning, but why should he bother blogging when he's still got great weather outdoors. Computers are for rainy days. Anyway, check him out.

Hey, they called off the OJ interview! Crazy country. Well, if Fox doesn't want it, some cable station will pick it up and get high ratings. Sure, people are outraged at Simpson's audacity, but ratings are ratings and people will watch by the thousands just to get disgusted.

They mean well, but this is an unacceptable desecration of civil rights. It's not 1984. We don't need government surveillance technology in our cars. Also, Newark's unconventional Mayor Cory Booker may have some good ideas about resolving his city's problems.

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