Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Jewish Wedding

Just got back from a friend's wedding. It was separate: no mixing of the sexes. This helps take the focus of the guys off the girls and focus their attention on the groom and his celebration of monogamy. The extreme joy at these affairs often surpasses the passing pleasure of a dance with a girl, and offers a haven from the prickliness of dancing with multiple girls and trying to gauge what each thinks of you and what you think of her, and trying not to hurt anyone or not caring and hurting people, or being hurt by someone you liked, etc. Like this, all the guys just dance together, and the girls separately with each other.

Idk why I just wrote that. If you have been privileged to attend such an affair, that is old hat. And if you never experienced it, well, my explanation isn't going to convince you.

The custom in my community is for the groom's friends to kiss him when they congratulate him at his wedding. I believe I enjoyed this kiss more than the next guy. There, you have my soul. It's fragile. Please take good care of it.

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trixies86 said...
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trixies86 said...

thats just the beauty of yisishkeit reason given to baali teshuva.

but I have never been mixed dancing so maybe its true.

Teddy Douglas said...

trixie1: hey, I stopped hugging girls in 6th grade.
why'd you do that?

trixie2: I am writing from experience.

trixies86 said...
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