Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Adopt a Gay Today

The election results are in: People still hate the gays. In New Jersey and Maine, voters went to the polls to support insensitivity and discrimination. Anti-gay groups scared people by saying things like "gay marriage will be taught to your children." So instead parents opted to teach their children that the principles of equality on which this nation was founded are no more true to them than they were to the pigs in Orwell's Animal Farm. Remember when Michelle Obama angered the media by saying she isn't proud to be an American? Well, I kinda know how she feels. #democracyfail

Oh, now that I'm here, I'll throw in a quick personal update. I met a guy online, and we met for a weekend. I had a great time, I don't think he did. It's pretty rocky going.

Halloween was fun, party at the club.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right that stuff about denying their birthright.

It's heterosexual men you know.

Those are the bigots who lead these sheep to the ballot box. I'd castrate half of them in a national programme. They don't deserve to breed.

Actually I think we should licence people before they're allowed to have children. Then they'd have them in factory units and wouldn't be allowed out until the kids were 7 years old.

I bet that'd mean fewer failures in child rearing and fewer bigots.

Glad the party was good!

Teddy Douglas said...

That comment is kind of offensive.