Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shirtless! At The Disco

OMG I was in heaven. We were even walking on clouds... A foam party. Hundreds of beautiful boys, everyone stripped to their underwear on the dance floor, suds and bubbles and young flesh everywhere moving to the beat. The crowd was great, the energy was high, people were smiling, happy, having fun. It was unreal. People let down their barriers and just enjoyed the night. Like it was another era. A simpler time. Full of innocence and pleasure.

The club is moving soon, so they get to throw a few awesome parties and wreck the place before they go...

When I walked outside, it looked like it had snowed. The foam oozed out the door and blanketed the whole sidewalk out front. It was incredible, the whole night.

I met a few really wonderful people too who I've actually been keeping up with :)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome good fun - with built-in totty!

Wot more could you want?