Monday, November 09, 2009

A Definition of "Chutzpah"

Health care wonk Bill McIntruff explains that key elements of Obama's Health Care Reform Bill are designed to take effect starting 2013 so that Obama can be safely re-elected before the whole health care system collapses:

"This thing doesn’t even happen until 2013. So we need to understand that, on purpose, that we have this “major reform” but the major reform is meant to happen after Obama’s re-election. This means he gets to run on “We passed a major reform and boy, it’s coming soon,” and not “Oh my God, this whole thing is collapsing and it’s my fault,” if that’s what happens. Who knows, maybe it will be successful, but the point is that no one has seemed to want to gamble his or her own re-election on that outcome. So it’s more likely, whatever happens, to be stuck in a drawer to wait until the next time, which is after the re-election campaign." (Health Affairs)

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