Monday, April 06, 2009

A day of planning vs a fortnight of wandering

I filed my first tax return. The IRS penalized me about $4000 for not making a baby yet. What are you supposed to do when you get such mixed messages from the government? On the one hand they wage a heavy-duty pro-abstinence campaign, and on the other they serve up tax penalties for not knocking a chick up.

Work's been slow. I have a lot to do, but it's taking forever and there are deadlines coming up and it's just going nowhere. Let me organize a little.

  1. Topic
  2. Problem/Where we are today
  3. End-state/Where we want to be
  4. Solution Options/How can we get there
See how simple that was. Ok, TD now how are you going to tackle each step?
  1. Topic - explain what we're talking about
  2. Problem - gather information from trade pubs, reports, articles, etc about how things are going currently
  3. End-state - This is going to come from sources that discuss the utopia of perfect harmony. This step DOES NOT CARE what is possible. Only what is good.
  4. Solutions - What alternatives are being proposed that can move us closer from stage 1 to stage 2? How might the gap between the current state and the utopia be narrowed? List at least 5 possible alternatives. NOW, we are not so much interested in which one is best, but which is most feasible/likely to happen.
  5. The people involved/needed in implementation should be a part of this step.
  6. Aftermath. What does the landscape look like after the proposed solutions have been put into place? Where is there an opportunity in that landscape?
Yay! Now I know it's possible. Just gotta slog through it. Psst, TD. SMILE.

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