Wednesday, July 04, 2007

When You Get Tagged

See here. Now that's cleared up:

1. I love to travel. Also hate to travel, but there is something magnetic that pulls me on.

2. If all men were created equal, life would be damn boring; don't you think?

3. When I do laundry here, I need to do three wash loads to fill the dryer once.

4. I have a crush on Doron.

5. Sandals, not sneakers or shoes.

6. My limit is two and a half liters of beer. (or equivalent?)

7. I read the Star-Spangled Banner on July 4th and found it wanting.

8. I think Doodle is the shizz. (That's a good thing.)

9. Are you saying I can't count?

10. Ice cream is seasonal, but not how you are thinking it. . .

If you are one of the first eight people to read this and haven't yet been IT, I hereby initiate the process whereby you will find yourself in a position of being yourself tagged.


doodlehead said...

thanks. im da shizz :) u can b da shizz 2.

Anonymous said...

I only have one question about your list: Do you consider flip flops to be sandals?

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Hey neat blog nice meme.

Teddy Douglas said...

pap, flipflops will do the trick
socialworker/frustrated mom, thanks for the compliments