Sunday, July 15, 2007

John Jacob Jingelheimer Schmidt

Oh, Jakey, you're great. On the way to see Harry Potter 5, he found this gem:

JIM: "So, you excited about HPV?"
ME: "Wait ... let me think of a witty response ...... I have a burning desire to see it!... I've really been itching to see it!... This movie better start or I'm about to turn red!"

What's the rule if a whole room full of people are watching Kong and the soccer championship is on TV? Well, football comes first. Wasn't it obvious?

How about this one. You are using the computer and someone else needs it "for just a minute to check something". Is it impolite to insist he wait until you are finished? What if it is already late at night and he "needs to check it before he goes to sleep"?

Ah, the beauty of economics. Economics? Yes, economics. The study of the allocation of scarce resources among competing needs and desires of individuals and society.

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