Monday, June 11, 2007

Tel Aviv Billabong

Tel Aviv Pride: So I get to Tel Aviv, and hail a sherut to kikar Rabin. The drivers are scared to go anywhere in the city center because the parade street closings have created crazy traffic. The parade had moved on by the time I arrived, so I hailed a taxi and asked him to drive to the mitz'ad. He pretended not to have heard of it! This is a taxi driver who suffered traffic all day. You couldn't be in Tel Aviv and not hear of it - 1/5 of the whole city was there. So I guess he was anti-gay and just refused to drive me there.

Finally caught up with them at choff gordon (Gordon Beach). Partied on the beach, then had fun watching people's reactions as we walked around the streets kissing. Friends, don't try this in Jerusalem.

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Anonymous said...

for shame...
busha v'cherpa that you would contribute to such a parade. :(