Saturday, June 09, 2007

Crossing the Atlantic

Mon: finish school
Tues: planned to pack, never got around to it, got a haircut at Cutler from James - real cutie
Wed: rushing to pack everything before i miss my flight while my mother is completely nervous and trying to help by not getting in the way but she really would like to be actively helping, flight
Thurs: arrive, meet the group, soccer, Ocean's 13 (before it even came out in US!)
Fri: meet the prof, tour the lab, tel aviv pride parade after-party at gordon beach, sabbath meal at prof's house.
Sat: synagogue, kidush, shiur for teens and young adults about premarital sex, lunch at a really nice guy who randomly invited me out of the goodness of his heart, frisbee on the lawn, nap, read up on molecular biology, met my roommate's really cute brother who stopped by our dorm, updated my blog

Wow, stuff actually happened this week.

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doodlehead said...

i tagged u in my blog. u don't have 2 do it if u don't wanna.