Thursday, January 11, 2007

Smack This, Akon

According to Ryan Seacrest, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, aka Brangelina, aka Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be teaming up again for a television comedy series that will be "like Married with Children, with guns".

Also, in an interview on Seacrest's AT40, Akon talks about his recent escapades.

"Why were the cops chasing you?"
"It was a stolen car."

Akon said he was running from the LAPD and "had 'em beat" but then crashed his car into the mayor's mailbox and drove straight into his house. Akon sounded really funny on the air. He might consider a side career doing standup. But he's dangerous. I mean, we like his music but he's a real live criminal, you dig? He's been arrested, spent time in jail, and he's doing stuff again. This is the role model for American youth. Specifically, if you'll forgive my language, for Black youth.

"Some of your lyrics were obviously written for adult listeners."
"Yah, they were for sure meant for adults, but it's funny how all the kids found this stuff and they're eating it up."

This is the big post # 100. How should we celebrate?

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