Monday, January 08, 2007

Demographics of Power

Minorities are the wave of the future in America as the "melting pot" view increasingly gives way to multi-culturalism.

Jews make up 3% of the US population; 8% of the 110th Congress. Blacks comprise 13% of the nation; 8% of Congress. Women comprise approximately 50% of the population in the United States (so why are they called a minority?); they received 17% of the seats in Congress. All three groups acheived new records of representation in the 2006 mid-term congressional elections.

13 Jewish Senators, 3 Hispanics, 2 Asian Americans, 1 senator of Arab descent, 1 African-American and a whole bunch of WASPs.

Joe Lieberman made a mockery of his party by winning re-election on the Connecticut for Lieberman ticket after the Democrats deserted him.

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More than half (55%) of all online American youths ages 12-17 use online social networking sites, according to a new national survey of teenagers conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. (PDF)

What's most surprising about the numbers is that there is virtually no racial or economic divide in terms of who is most likely to use these sites: male, female, rich, poor, black, white share nearly identical numbers.

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