Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good News for Soccer Moms

Posh Spice is moving to Beverly Hills, LA with hubby David Beckham, an international soccer superstar who recently signed a deal with the LA Galaxy worth $250 million dollars. Not bad money in a league whose team salary cap is just $2 million. The team took advantage of the "Beckham Law", a new rule that allows one player on a team to be exempt from the cap. I kinda feel bad for his teammates: they split a 2 mil pie, while Beckham earns 8 figures. What does that do to a guy's morale? The pundits think this Beckham can revive football (soccer) in America. Our take: the salary cap still needs more bending before the sport can go mainstream and compete with pro baseball, American football, and basketball in the US. But it's a fun game, so play away kids.

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