Thursday, December 21, 2006

Would You Like a Green Card?

The weirdness of the US government: I got a spam e-mail that looked like an offer for a free sample of Crest WhiteStrips, so I figured why not and clicked on it. Up pops a form to apply for the Green Card lottery. I'll forgive their forgetting that I am already an American citizen but have they become so desperate for foreign workers that they need to hide the Green Card lottery in a spam mail from Crest? And this amid all of Bush's talk of stricter immigration laws!


A Heimishe said...

Is this an easier way of getting a green card then getting married to an American? (there are so many girls or guys trying to hook up with American citizens to get married just so they can get a green card).

Sara with NO H said...

Is there really such a thing as the green card lottery?
A heimishe, even marrying an american citizen isn't a ticket to papers anymore. There are people who wait years and then are denied. But hey, they get their stay and ability to work for those years that they wait. Since the whole American muslim movement the US governmet has gotten a lot more strict on who stays.

P.s. Teddy I hate the word verification...It took me like 4 times to post a comment.

Teddy Douglas said...

Sorry for the word ver, Sara, but I need it to kill the spam comments. There is a GCL, though I just saw the gov't has warnings about fraudulent GCL offers. This one seemed to come from a bonafide company, but maybe there was some phony business here.